Learning Indicators

Learning Indicators have been developed which identify the fundamental knowledge and skills around which to guide instruction. The indicators identify the essential language, concepts and skills for which English Language Learners with limited prior formal schooling require explicit instruction and scaffolded supports. It is intended that the indicators be incorporated into broad thematic teaching units which simultaneously address language development, literacy, numeracy, acculturation, and acquisition of academic content.

Learning Indicators for English Language Development are those linguistic skills which all beginning English Language Learners are acquiring. They are organized around:

The Essential Components of English Language Development.

Click on the links below to open the files of learning indicators.

English Language Development: Vocabulary
English Language Development: Form
English Language Development: Function
English Language Development: Fluency

Additional Learning Indicators address the learning needs unique to ELL students with limited formal schooling. They have not assimilated the cultural knowledge and sociolinguistic skills to interact successfully with peers and adults in the community or in an academic setting. They have not acquired foundational literacy and numeracy required for accessing grade-level curriculum. Click on the links below to open the files of learning indicators related to:

Survival and Cultural Skills
Learning to Read

Learning to Write