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 The resources on this page are for teaching about refugees to all children.

Refugees: A Canadian Perspective     

This teacher’s guide contains basic facts, stories, and activity ideas for introducing the topic of refugees into a social studies classroom. It explains who refugees are, the concepts  of asylum and international protection,  Canada’s role and possibilities for students to raise awareness and help refugees in their communities.


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This site provides background information about the refugee situation around the world. It contains feature stories and information about the UN’s work, a public domain photo bank, as well as searchable databases.


UNHCR | Canada | Teacger's Corner

UNHCR Canada – Teacher’s Corner

These sites, one from the Canadian UNHCR and one from the American UNHCR have teaching resources which introduce refugee issues into the Social Studies or Language Arts classrooms. Various teaching tools – facts, tools, games and lesson activities, help to illustrate the difficulties refugees face from the moment they flee their homes to the time they are settled and have adapted to a new country. They sensitize children to the notions of difference, and the importance of welcoming the new people they meet. They also introduce the concept of fundamental needs and how they can be met. There is a link to “Against All Odds” an interactive, educational online video game that puts students in the shoes of a refugee.

Refugees: A Canadian Perspective Teaching Guide

Human Rights, Refugees and UNHCR Video Packages


Citizenship and Immigration


Canada Welcomes Refugees

This section of the CIC website explains Canada’s role is assisting refugees. In the Success Stories section, narratives and video clips share some compelling stories of refugees resettling in Canada and their contributions to society.