Welcome!  This website supports educators working with English language learners

  • with  gaps in schooling
  • are new to Canada
  • may have experienced grief, trauma and loss


Best practice for LFS

Students with limited formal schooling (LFS) benefit from many strategies that already work for English language learners (ELLS). Intensive & targeted interventions and supports can help these students thrive and be successful.

This website provides access to information – publications, educational materials, exemplars from the field – that promote effective programming for students of this profile.  This site has been made possible by a grant from Alberta Education to the Calgary Board of Education.

Drawing upon the experience of Calgary practitioners and upon research and best practice literature from Canada and other English-speaking refugee resettlement countries, such as the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, this site serves as a central repository of information and resources for K-12 educators.

Although designed for the Alberta context, these resources would be helpful to jurisdictions in other areas. They would also be of interest to other service providers, researchers and policy-makers.

These students require more intensive, targeted interventions and supports, many of which are already understood as best practice for ELLs. When given appropriate supports, these students can thrive and be successful.